Be a Bat Hero!

There are many different ways to help bats and they are all important. These actions can help protect bats living in our backyards and in our communities. This year, we are asking everyone to consider hosting their own event to participate in Bat Week.

Mark your calendars for Bat Week this year, and “Be a Bat Hero!”.

Check out how YOU can join the celebration!

You don’t need special powers or a lot of money to participate. Just choose an event that works best for you. We will have event toolkits to help you host an event to celebrate bats, to teach people about bats, or to host an activity that benefits bats.

batweekHost an Action Event

Sometimes you just want to do something! Create an event that gets people to take action during bat week. Some examples include building bat boxes, pulling weeds, or planting native vegetation that attracts bats. We’ll provide you with information and … Continue reading

batweekHost an Education Event

Teaching others about bats is rewarding! You can visit a school classroom or set up a table at a local event. We’ll provide you with PDF’s to print and share, kid activities, and other ideas in our outreach tool kit! … Continue reading

batweekHost a Celebration Event

We love a good party, and we are willing to bet that you do too. This year, we want you to host a Bat Week Party or other special event to get others excited about bats. You can feature bat-themed … Continue reading

batweekDIY Personal Activities

Can’t build a bat box? Want to do more? There are many different ways to help bats and they are all important. Some actions can help protect bats living in your backyard or community while others may have far-reaching impacts. … Continue reading

batweekProclaim Bat Week

Bat Week is a time to celebrate our bats and to spread the word about how we can help protect them. One great way to do this is to ask your town, city, or state officials to make a formal … Continue reading