Bat Squad FAQ

Q: I was not be able to watch the live Bat Squad webcasts at their launch time. Can I watch them later?

Yes! After the webcasts have been aired live for the first time (on the recorded videos will be available for you to watch at any time at or on Bat Conservation International’s website

Q: Where can I find addtional bat education resources for kids?

Many of the partners for Bat Week provide educational resources for schools and families. We reccomend the following:

Project Edubat – activities/curriculum, bat trunks, posters/murals plus much more!

Bat Conservation International Kidz Cave – coloring pages, bat masks, batty food recipes plus much more!

Organization for Bat Conservation – live animal programs, bat trunks, digital badge program

Q: Where can I find more educational bat videos online?

Bat Conservation International YouTube – Kidz Corner