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Our Bat Squad members will be ready to answer your questions on Twitter after the webcast! Join us on Twitter at 1.15pm EST on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to talk bats! You can join the conversation by using the hashtags #BatSquad and #BatWeek. The Bat Squad kids will be answering your questions from the @Bat_Week twitter account and other bat experts will be joining to conversation as well.

Watch the episodes later

Watch the Bat Squad webcasts when they air during Bat Week or anytime after! You will find the webcasts at the links below:

Episode 1: Amazing Bats – Tuesday Oct 25th

Episode 2: Hey Bat, What’s your Habitat? – Wednesday Oct 26th

Episode 3: Bats Need Friends! – Thursday Oct 27th

Episode 4: Bats Chat! Join the Bat Squad! – Friday Oct 28th

Have fun with the classroom activities!

Episode 1 – Calculate the Value of Bats!

There are many reasons for students to care about bats. They are fascinating and beautiful animals. In this activity, students will use math skills to learn about the ecological and economic impacts of bats. Students will also use communication skills to convey the importance of bats to our economy and natural world and the potential effects of White- Nose Syndrome.

Calculate the Value of Bats Activity – Download

Episode 2 -Studying Neighborhood Bats

Have you ever seen a bat flying around your neighborhood at dusk? You probably have bats as neighbors even if you’ve never seen them! This activity allows kids to discover what bats they may have in their own backyards!

Studying Neighborhood Bats – Download

Powerpoint of Common Habitat Type – Download

Episode 3 – There’s a Fungus Among Us Activity

This activity explores the question “What is White-Nose Syndrome, how is it spread, and why is it important?” Students will investigate how infectious diseases are spread, focusing on the disease White- Nose Syndrome, and the scientific methods used to investigate diseases.

There’s a Fungus Among Us Activity – Download

Episode 4 – The Bat Squad Activity

This activity explores the question “What threats do bats face and how can you help them?” Students will explore the value of bats in our environment, their habitat needs, and the threats that they face in the wild. After discovering the effects of these threats on bat populations, students will have the opportunity to take personal action to aid bat survival. Students will explore service learning activities that they can take in their backyards and communities to help bats, commit to participating in bat conservation projects, and challenge other students, schools, and organizations to do the same.

The Bat Squad Activity – Download

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