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Bats Need Friends!

Kids can get involved in many different ways with bat conservation. From science projects to lunch time groups, the Bat Squad! shares the exciting ways they have got involved in their own backyard!

This episode will launch here on Friday 28th October at 1pm. The batty fun continues after the 15 minute webcasts with our online Twitter Q&A and the classroom activities below!

Chat with the Bat Squad on Twitter

Our Bat Squad members will be ready to answer your questions on Twitter after the webcast! Join us on Twitter at 1.15pm EST to talk bats! You can join the conversation by using the hashtags #BatSquad and #BatWeek. The Bat Squad kids will be answering your questions from the @Bat_Week twitter account and other bat experts will be joining to conversation as well

Get Batty in the Classroom - The Bat Squad!

This activity explores the question “What threats do bats face and how can you help them?” Students will explore the value of bats in our environment, their habitat needs, and the threats that they face in the wild. After discovering the effects of these threats on bat populations, students will have the opportunity to take personal action to aid bat survival. Students will explore service learning activities that they can take in their backyards and communities to help bats, commit to participating in bat conservation projects, and challenge other students, schools, and organizations to do the same. ?

The Bat Squad Activity - Download

Help Us Create More Batty Resources – Evaluation Surveys for Teachers and Students

Are you an educator who loves bats or one who is interested in helping improve educational resources? We need your help! We believe that educational resources like the Bat Squad! webcasts are extremely important and that they can lead to positive changes in the attitudes of students. These changes can be measured, but we need the help of formal and non-formal educators like you.

We are looking for educators who would be willing to complete a short, pre- and post-survey along with their students. Each survey only takes about 10 minutes. To participate, you and your students would need to commit to watching one or more of our Bat Squad! webcasts and/or complete one of our classroom activities that are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. We’ll provide the surveys and cover the cost of mailing.

Your feedback will help shape our future work and will help ensure that we are creating high-quality resources. You can download the surveys below to print yourself or contact Katie Jepson (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with your number of students and we will mail them to you free of charge. Included will be a prepaid envelope to mail the surveys back to us care of:

Dianne Odegard
Bat Conservation International
500 Cap. Of texas Hwy N, Building 1
Austin, TX
78746, US

Thank you for your help!

Instructions for teachers to read to students - Download

Teacher Bat Squad webinars PRE survey - Download

Student Bat Squad webinars PRE survey - Download

Teacher Bat Squad webinars POST survey - Download

Student Bat Squad webinars POST survey - Download