Build A Bathouse 2015 Results

1341 makes a new World Record for the most bat houses built in one day!

BatWeek Infographic

BatWeek Infographic
Bat Week participants in the building event in Austin.
Credit: Jessica Cochran

By joining forces on Halloween 2015, communities and Bat Week partners were able to host 67 bat house building events in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico, achieving a new World Record - the creation of 1,341 bat houses!

But it wasn't only about the record - spreading the bat conservation message around the world was the ultimate goal.

Bat Week kicked off a press conference held at the Department of Interior in Washington DC. That evening, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) hosted a reception on Capitol Hill that featured bat-inspired foods (those that are made possible by bat pollination or the pest control offered by bats).

BatWeek Infographic
Senator Leahy receives a personalized bat house to
thank him for his leadership in bat conservation.
Credit: Micaela Jemison

Over 300 congressional staffers, federal agency folks, and members of the public attended the reception and interacted with seven educational stations. It was a great start to a fantastic week of bat talk on social media culminating in the main event on the Saturday - the successful world record attempt! You can read all about the bat house building events, education and social media fun by downloading our Bat Week 2015 report!