How to make a bat house

Girl Building Bat House
Girl Building Bat House
Credit: Amy Kimball Photography

There are several options you can take in making your own bat house!

  1. Order a bat house kit from one of the commercial vendor we have listed below. This company is participating in Bat Week and have offered special discounts for the event!
  2. Make your own bat house from our DIY instructions! Download the following instructions


  1. You can order at bat house kit from any other reputable commercial vendor. We recommend that you ensure that the design in certified by Bat Conservation International or Organization for Bat Conservation so that it meets safety and design standards for bats. 

More Resources:


Bat House Kit Vendor

Habitat for Bats


One, two and three chamber bat house kits available. All kits have been designed to meet Bat Conservation International (BCI) certification requirements, once built and painted. For Bat Week, Habitat for Bats is offering the following discounts.

20% off any kit - use code BATWEEK

15% off a 5 pack of kits - use code WELOVEBATS

Assembly instruction videos for bat house kits can be found on the Habitat for Bats YouTube Channel.


Bat Conservation and Management Inc.

Bat House
Bat Conservation and Management’s Three Chamber Bat House Kit

Bat Conservation and Management’s Three Chamber Bat House Kit is a time tested, solid design intended to weather as long as possible. Included in this kit are: a 16-page assembly manual, painting instructions for your locality, 3/4’' slotted sides, 1/2’' roughened yellow pine front and back, two 3/8’' roughened baffles, screws, roof, roof supports, construction adhesive, and a black asphalt roofing shingle. Our decorative bat design on the front is actually a vent that helps prevents bats from overheating. Each interior surface has been permanently roughened by hand in all directions for the best "batholds” possible, we never use screen. The finished box requires exterior paint or stain to complete.

Price: $59

Save 15% by mentioning “BATWEEK” in the Ordering Instructions box during online checkout - or order by phone 717-241-2228.

General Specifications:
Safe holding capacity: ~100 bats @ 2 bats per linear inch of roosting crevice
height: 24''; width: 18''; depth: 4''; weight: 12 lbs.
Internal chambers: 3; chamber spacing: 0.75''-1’'