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Host an Action Event

bat-flying-in-the-skySometimes you just want to do something! Create an event that gets people to take action during bat week. Some examples include building bat boxes, pulling weeds, or planting native vegetation that attracts bats. We’ll provide you with information and plans for activities in our tool kit!

Remember to email all of your friends and family. We want everyone taking action for bats!

Be creative! Get involved! Be a Bat Hero!

We want your 2018 Bat Week to be spectacular. The Bat Week partners have compiled the below resources to help you Be a Bat Hero!

Bat Week Cookbook

Origami Bat Instructions

Candy Bar Wrapper

Build Your Own Bat Cave

Make a Bat Week Finger Puppet

Information About Little Brown Bats

Build a Bat House

Create a Bat Mural

Pull for Bats: Invasive Species: Honey Suckle

Pull for Bats: Invasive Species: Garlic Mustard

Pull for Bats: Invasive Species: Bittersweet

Bat Hero Comic Coloring Page

Bat Hero Comic

Bat Hero Comic (Pop Art Version)

Bat Hero Puzzle

Make Your Very Own Bat Hero Cape (Instructions) (Pattern)