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Batweek is all about bats! There are so many different ways to help bats and they are all important. These actions can help protect bats living in our backyards and in our communities. Because everyone has very different skills, resources, capacities, interests, and time, a variety of opportunities are being offered for the 2017 Bat Week Celebration, “Go to Bat for Bats.”

You don’t need special powers or a lot of money to participate. Just choose the activity that works best for you. We are offering up a ton of tools to help you get started. Below you will find actions both great and small that you can doto help conserve bats and the places where they live. Together, we can make the 2017 Bat Week a home run!

Play In the Big League!

This year, we are stepping up to the major league to help protect bats. With your help, we can hit a home run and make a huge difference! We are partnering with baseball and softball organizations from the Pee Wees…

Take the Pledge!

Bats are amazing animals, however they face significant conservation challenges. You can make a difference! Download our “Go to Bat for Bats” Pledge and take action today. Our goal is to have 1,000 people pledge to help bats during Bat Week!