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Mexican Bayusas (Bayusas a la Mexicana)

Submitted by: Nayelli Rivera, Ricardo Quirino, Luis Quirino of Biodiversidad Urbana de México (BUM) Country of Origin:  México (Durango) Ingredients: Closed or recently opened flowers of Agave. In this recipe, we use flowers of Agave durangensis, which produce flowers approximately from June to August. (bat pollinated) Tomato (use the same quantity of tomatoes as agave flowers at 1:1 ratio) Onion (optional) Chile (optional) Butter or margarine Preparation: Remove the flower stalk,…

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DIY Personal Activities

Can’t build a bat box? Want to do more? There are many different ways to help bats and they are all important. Some actions can help protect bats living in your backyard or community while others may have far-reaching impacts. Here are a few ways that you can help. And, make sure to share your…

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Take the Pledge

Bats are amazing animals, and they contribute greatly to our environmental health, our economy, and our food. Every year bats save us billions of dollars in pest control by simply eating insects. However, they face significant conservation challenges, and an invasive disease, White-nose Syndrome has killed millions of bats in the United States and Canada.…

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