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Bat Week is an annual, international celebration of the role of bats in nature


Bat Week Cookbook

In 2018, we introduced the Celebrating Bats Cookbook that contained recipes inspired by bat-dependent foods.

Now our Bat Week partners from South America, Central America and North America have added to that recipe collection: click on the savory dishes or the sweet treats and drinks below and learn how each contains ingredients that are bat pollinated, bat-protected or find out how bats disperse the seeds of the plants used each recipe.

You may also learn about different cultures, or different bats. When you make these tasty treats,  or create one of your own with bat-dependent ingredients, don’t forget to tell others what you’ve learned or post a photo to social media and share the message: people need BATS in their ecosystems to eat pests, pollinate plants and disperse seeds. Let’s celebrate bats together.

Savory Dishes

Avocado Sandwich (Aguacate)

A tasty sandwich of avocado and tomatoes topped with queso fresco (white cheese).


This flavorful snack combines two of Mexico’s staple crops -- corn and agave.


Plantains flavored with garlic and citrus, and served with fried pork.

Baked Bolivian Tamales

These lightly-spiced, cheesy tamales will have you saying “Gimme some oven!”

Mexican BAYUSAS & Agave

Agave flowers are part of this meal, native to the dry regions of Mexico.

Asado Sinola-Style Grill

This fresh and savory grill is named after Mexico's famed farming region.

Bolivian Stove-Top Tamales

Variation of a traditional Andean dish with fresh cheese and spices for authentic flavor.


Delicious vegetable pizza from Mexico with ingredients inspired by bats.

Turkey (or Tofu) Soup

Turkey or tofu, with fresh or frozen vegetables, create a quick and easy soup.





Desserts and Drinks

Agave Gelatin & Ice Cream (Nicuatole)

Slices of agave gelatin on ice cream make a colorful treat for bat-watching outings.

Candied Fruit (Dulce de Ciricote)

Candied fruits in Mexico are part of celebrations like Day of the Dead.

Dragon Fruit “Cure” (Curado de Pitaya)

Shots of dragon fruit liquor on ice are an adult drink with a splash of fun.

Garambullo Ice Cream

Delicious homemade ice cream is an easy dessert for a hot day!

Horchata (Jícaro Horchata)

Popular Salvadoran drink made from spices and seeds including cacao and nuts.

Roasted Fig & Goat Cheese Tarts

Pre-packaged puff-pastry dough brings makes these tarts decadently delicious.

Tablillas de Chocolate

Chocolate deliciousness from cacao seeds are perfect for special occasions.

Avocado- Chocolate Mousse

Thank goodness for bats! Chocolate chips add a sweet surprise.

Candied Tree Cucumber

Technically both a fruit and a vegetable, this sweet treat is part of cultural traditions.

Dragon Fruit Ice Cream

Colorful sweet indulgence, perfect on a hot day.

Granola Bars for Bat Week

Dates, nuts, oats, and fruit power up these no-bake bars for breakfast or snack time.

Manoomin (wild Rice) with sweets

This Native American (Ojibwa) dish combines manoomin (wild rice) with berries and nuts.

Sliced Pawpaw Pudding

Pick some pawpaws!  And enjoy this sliced and gently spiced pudding.

Temptation Plantains

Plantains caramelized with brown sugar and white wine = divine.

Avocado-Chocolate Pudding

Dark chocolate and nutrient-rich avocado join forces in this super creamy treat.

Dr. Bird Cake (aka Hummingbird Cake)

Fruity bread with pineapple, bananas, pecans and spices.

Fig and Almond Cake

Ripe figs, almonds, and spices make this homemade cake unforgettable.

Guava Jelly (Jalea de Guayaba)

Sweet guava jelly on toast or crackers is a delicious Costa Rican favorite.

Mila’s Coconut Cupcakes

Made-from-scratch cupcakes flavored with lime zest and coconut.

Strawberry and Chia Pudding

A simple but satisfying hearty twist on a nutritious breakfast—thanks to bats!

Tropical Bat-Assisted Smoothie

Let's toast to bats with a nutritious smoothie flavored with good things.