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Social Media Toolkit

BatWeek Social Guidance

BatWeek is an annual celebration of bats that takes place October 24 – 31. Now in its fifth year, Bat Week is comprised of events that take place throughout the week across the US and Canada. In addition to attending events, millions participate online through social media and on the website.


The weeks leading up to BatWeek provide a great opportunity to engage on social sites to promote local events and to educate the public about bats, their role in nature, their importance to agriculture, and the threats they face due to white-nose syndrome and habitat loss.

This years theme: Be a Bat Hero

Bat Week Brainstorm: Some Ideas for Social Media Posts

  • Join the conversation using these hashtags: #BatWeek, #Bats, #SaveTheBats, #BatHero.
  • Share! Talk about why bats are important for healthy ecosystems. Help dispel the myths that they are scary (they’re not!).
  • Share photos of people building bat houses, planting trees, or attending bat programs.
  • Post pictures of bats native to your area.
  • Keep the text short, and add emojis to your tweets.
  • Talk about why you love bats. (Perhaps you identify with their nocturnal ways. Or maybe it’s their sweet flying skills. Or the way they use echolocation to find prey.)
  • Direct web traffic to the many partner sites including, &
  • Participate in the #BatWeek Twitter storm, Tuesday, Oct. 30, 1 – 2pm ET.
  • Promote your #BatWeek events on social media, and then share photos of participants.
Not sure where to get started?
Check out our toolkit materials.

Sample Posts

  • #BatWeek is almost here! Will you step up to Be a Bat Hero? Check out for some great ideas to celebrate bats near you!
  • Not all heroes wear capes! Researchers at [Insert organization/ institution] monitor bat health at [location]. #BatHero #BatWeek #SaveTheBats
  • No matter where you live, chances are high that you have bats as neighbors. These unique mammals are eat insects, pollinate plants, and spread seeds. Thanks, bats! #BatWeek
  • Bats are in trouble! White-nose syndrome has devastated bat populations since it was first discovered in 2006. Today, WNS kills bats in 33 US states and 7 Canadian provinces. Visit to learn more about #Bats, WNS, and how you can be a #BatHero. #BatWeek
  • One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…. While we don’t endorse excess drinking, some of our favorite adult beverages are brought to us by bats! Check out for some great cocktail tips! #BatWeek

Key Social Media Accounts

Organization Twitter Facebook Instagram
BatWeek @Bat_Week @BatWeek N/A
Bat Conservation International @BatConIntl @BatCon @BatConservationInternational
Lubee Bat Conservancy @BatConservancy @LubeeBatConservancy @LubeeBatConservancy
National Park Service @NatlParkService @nationalparkservice @nationalparkservice
Parks Canada @ParksCanada @ParksCanada @Parks.Canada
The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative @CWHCRCSF @cwhcrcsf
The Save Lucy Campaign @SaveLucyTheBat @TheSaveLucyCampaign @TheSaveLucyCampaign
The Wildlife Habitat Council @WildlifeHC @wildlifehabitatcouncil N/A
US Fish and Wildlife Service @USFWS @usfws @usfws
US Forest Service @forestservice @USForestService @U.S.ForestService
US Geological Survey @USGS @USGeologicalSurvey @usgs
Wildlife Acoustics @WildlifeAcoust @WildlifeAcoustics @WildlifeAcoustics
Wildlife Conservation Society @TheWCS @TheWCS @TheWCS
Bureau of Land Management @BLMNational @BLMNational @mypubliclands

Learn more about bats, white nose syndrome, the national response, and our partners at