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Bat Week Toolkit

Bat Week Toolkit

Bat Week is an annual event celebrated every Oct. 24 –Oct. 31. This is the best time to highlight the importance of bats on your social media channels and get your followers involved! Here are some ideas on how you and your organization can join us during Bat Week.

Download the Digital Toolkit and share with your peers. 

Follow Bat Week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use #BatWeek when posting.

Use these assets to share your love of bats:

The weeks leading up to Bat Week provide a great opportunity to engage on social sites to promote local events and to educate the public about bats, their role in nature, their importance to agriculture, and the threats they face due to White-nose Syndrome and habitat loss.

Key Social Media Accounts

Organization Twitter Facebook Instagram
BatWeek @Bat_Week @BatWeek @BatWeek
Bat Conservation International @BatConIntl @BatCon @BatConservationInternational
Lubee Bat Conservancy @BatConservancy @LubeeBatConservancy @LubeeBatConservancy
National Park Service @NatlParkService @nationalparkservice @nationalparkservice
Parks Canada @ParksCanada @ParksCanada @Parks.Canada
The Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative @CWHCRCSF @cwhcrcsf
The Save Lucy Campaign @SaveLucyTheBat @TheSaveLucyCampaign @TheSaveLucyCampaign
The Wildlife Habitat Council @WildlifeHC @wildlifehabitatcouncil N/A
US Fish and Wildlife Service @USFWS @usfws @usfws
US Forest Service @forestservice @USForestService @U.S.ForestService
US Geological Survey @USGS @USGeologicalSurvey @usgs
Wildlife Acoustics @WildlifeAcoust @WildlifeAcoustics @WildlifeAcoustics
Wildlife Conservation Society @TheWCS @TheWCS @TheWCS
Bureau of Land Management @BLMNational @BLMNational @mypubliclands

Learn more about bats, white nose syndrome, the national response, and our partners at