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Bat Week Videos

Growing a Greener World Episode 912—Bats: Unsung Heroes

(25 minutes)

Learn how often-misunderstood bats are superheroes to home gardeners by controlling insect pests

Bats Vs. White-Nose Syndrome: What We Know

(5:51 minutes)

Find out the latest on White Nose Syndrome, the disease that is devastating bat species in North America, from the scientists who are studying the Syndrome

Capturing a Carnivorous Bat on Camera

(National Geographic: 3:22 minutes)

National Geographic photographers work with scientists to study and photograph vampire bats on the hunt in Mexico.

Battle for Bats (En Español)/ La Batalla por los Murcielagos

(14:07 minutos)

Sobrevivir al Sindrome de la Nariz Blanca.

In Search of Tzotz / Searching for the Vampire Bat

(9:40 minutes)

Deep in the Mayan forests of Mexico lives the rarely-seen Vampyrum spectrum— False Woolly Vampire Bat which the Maya called Tzotz. Dr. Rodrigo Medellin of the University of Mexico and National Geographic photographer Anand Varma partner in the forest for Jason Jaacks’s short documentary, In Search of Tzotz.

Fly Through Bracken Cave Like a Bat

(2:06 minutes)

3-D imagery of the cave walls shows the true extent of where bats roost after eating insects each evening in Bracken Cave, outside Texas.

Follow Mexico’s Bat Man in a Search for Vampire Bats

(National Geographic) (10:07 minutes)

University of Mexico Professor of Ecology Rodrigo Medellin travels deep into the Yucatan rainforest with National Geographic Photographer Anand Varma in an effort to research and photograph two rare carnivorous species of Vampire bat.

Fly Through Bracken Cave Like a Bat

(2:06 minutes)

3-D imagery of the cave walls shows the true extent of where bats roost after eating insects each evening in Bracken Cave, outside Texas.

Experience 360 BatNado of Bracken Cave

(2:51 minutes)

Immerse yourself in the world-famous Batnado of Bracken Cave. During the warm summer months, over 15-million Mexican free-tailed bats (Tadarida brasiliensis) emerge nightly to feast on 140 tons of insects - including many damaging crop pests.

Meet the World’s Biggest Bat

(National Geographic; 2:20 minutes)

Bat Week Videos FOR Children & Youth

Bat Gardening For Kids

There is a good chance you have heard of helping your local butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds by planting certain flowers in your garden. But did you know you can also help your local bats the same way?!?

Bats on the Brink

The Bat Week song by Mister G.

Listen to Mister G, Latin GRAMMY award winner and children’s author and song writer, sing his “Bats on the Brink song. This talented musician launched this song in Bat Week 2019—now it’s your turn to dance and sing along! Like Mister G says, “It’s time to come together for the BATS.”

The Magic School Bus: Reading The Truth About Bats

(42 minutes)

Read along with this Chapter Book as Miss Frizzle visits Yosemite to learn about bats. This black and white chapter book is read by a student just like you and tells the story of finding out more about bats live and why they are important.

Backyard Bativists

Enjoy this video series of fun-filled bat-related crafts and activities for the entire family.

The Bat Squad! Kid-Hosted Video Series

The Bat Squad! webcast series, is for kids hosted by kids across the USA doing great bat education, research, and conservation activities. Each of our four, 15-minute webcasts are available in English with both French and Spanish subtitles, with matching activities geared towards Next Generation Science Standards perfect for the home or the classroom.

Amazing Bats
Hey Bat, What’s Your Habitat?
Bats Need Friends
Bat Chat-Join the Bat Squad

The Truth About Bats - Amy Wray

(A TED-Ed Talk cartoon, 5:47 minutes)

This TED-Ed talk is a carton from Amy Wray that explores how bats contribute to ecosystems through pollination and pest control and looks at the importance of protecting bats to reduce the risk of transmitting disease.

The Magic School Bus: In The Bat Cave

(Scholastic Reader; 7:16 minutes)

Everyone’s favorite storybook teacher, Miss Frizzle, takes her students on a Magic School Bus ride to see where bats live and to learn more about them and how to help bats in our own neighborhoods.

All About Bats for Kids – free school

(Free School; 7:18 minutes)

Learn about bats—amazing, nocturnal mammals—in this video from Free School that is filled with fun facts and great images.

Echolocation Song

(JumpStart Animal Adventures ; 1:12 minutes)

This catchy song will keep you dancing as you learn about how bats hunt for insects in the dark using echolocation.

Bat Week Book Readings

Bat Loves the Night

Bat Loves the Night written by Nicole Davies and illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies. Read by Kelly Reynolds, Project WILD Program Manager at the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies ( [6:36 min]

Bats at the Beach

Bats at the Beach written and illustrated by Brian Lies. Read by Storytime at Awnie’s House. [5:09 min]

Marcelo the Bat!

Marcelo the Bat (in English) written by Laura Navarro and illustrated by Juan Sebastian. Read by Milagros Winter, Youth Bat Ambassador for the U.S. Forest Service NatureWatch Program ( [7:14 min]

Amara & The Bats

Written, illustrated, and read by Emma Reynolds. [7:30 min]


Stellaluna written and illustrated by Janell Cannon. Read by Pamela Reed for Storyline Online. [11:18 min]

The Adventures of Echo the Bat

The Adventures of Echo the Bat written by Ginger Butcher and illustrated by Beth Broadhurst. Read by the U.S. Geological Survey and National Aeronautics and Space Agency for the public domain [5:55 min]

Bats! Strange and Wonderful read by Brian Heeringa

Written by Laurence Pringle and illustrated by Meryl Henderson. Read by Brian Heeringa, Wildlife Biologist at the U.S. Forest Service ( [14:52 min]