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WATCH Ep.3 Bats Need Friends

Bats Need Friends! Bats across North America are under threat from a deadly fungal disease called White-nose Syndrome. Join the Bat Squad! as they teach us about this and other threats our bats are facing and what kids can do to help!

Get Batty in the Classroom – There’s a Fungus Among Us – WNS transmission

This activity explores the question “What is White-Nose Syndrome, how is it spread, and why is it important?” Students will investigate how infectious diseases are spread, focusing on the disease White- Nose Syndrome, and the scientific methods used to investigate diseases.

Students will simulate the interactions of bats in a cave when bats are in close proximity and may spread WNS fungal spores. By coming into physical contact with other “bats,” students will have the chance to test to see if they have been infected with WNS and observe how quickly the disease can spread. Students will also interpret graphs to learn about doubling effects, exponential equations, and population growth curves.

There’s a Fungus Among Us Activity – Download